Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010

Kristie, you were right.

It's a moth of some kind. We actually found two of them yesterday in the backyard. One was sitting on the back of a red, plastic basketball hoop. The other was on a blade of grass. I can't quite figure out what is coming out of his head; looks like feathers. They were just sitting there, then a big gust of wind came and the one, (on the blade of grass) started being blown by the wind. He eventually flew away. The other one just sat there. Ella said she saw the one on the basketball hoop yesterday, so apparently it didn't move much. I wonder why. Perhaps I should find out what kind of moth these are. They are quite large, very hairy, and green.


Lori said...

So in that last the moth hanging onto a finger? a nose? skin attached to a human body :)? He is BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE the 4th shot looking at him coming on...

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