Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30, 2010

Busy, busy! No time! Rush! Hurry up! We're late! Homework, practice, games, lessons, activities. Pack the van for every activity ... here we go! Don't forget your water bottle. Do you have your cleats? Where is your homework? Piano. Chorus. Reading. Spelling.

Don't we all go through patches of our lives when we just can't seem to shove everything into our day? We plan, make lists, organize, loose the list, forget the list, loose our mind and get caught underneath an avalanche of places to be and things to do.

Then when something goes haywire, something tips a bit, the delicate balance of our day crashes to the floor in a big mess.

Sometimes that's just the way it is for a couple months.

When I got home from our wonderful 5 week vacation to Canada this past summer, I needed to replace my dying PC. Because nearly every photographer whom I admire uses a Mac, I decided that I too wanted to be a "real" photographer, so I bought a Mac.

I really want to brag about how much I love my new computer, how my photos look so much better, how everything is smoother. I would like to, but I can't.

I haven't posted a photo in three weeks. My longest drought by a 2 week margin.

Someone had better start listing off all the good qualities of a Mac and convince me not to throw this thing across the room and out the window. It has been an endless barrage of problems. Granted, not all of them are directly related to my Mac, but it just feels that way.

Macs don't play well with PC's, did you know that? Macs are a bit snobby that way.

So my workflow has been completely disrupted. I even got desperate enough to drag my old PC out of the junk pile and plug it in (it did no good; it really is dead).

I think most of the issues with the hard drive, not reading software, replacing my modem, paying for a quicker connection (which I don't really notice anywhere but my bank account) are solved (thanks Jaremie). Now I just need to learn how to get around and navigate in this strange barrel of apples.

With all the business and craziness, I need my one creative outlet; taking pictures.

What about you? What is your creative outlet?


Alice/Mom said...

Creative outlet? ummm Although not really creative, mine is cleaning/organizing a drawer, file or cupboard.

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