Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

Even in Florida it gets chilly!


Lara said...

Super cool! I need to figure out how to cool close-ups like that!

Rebecca said...

Awesome photos. I had fun scrolling down as this is my first visit with you. I really REALLY love that stork flying while the children are playing in the water. That is an amazing shot. Love all your closeups too.

I love cheesecake too. LOTS.

I don't like clutter. But. Well. I survive it by eating...cheesecake.

I think your photos are spectacular (but understand wanting to improve as that is a constant goal for me as well).

Amd frankly, as 8 inches of snow (keeps) falling, I really kinda wish I lived in Florida right now.

It was fun to visit.

Melissa said...

It's the end of March girl....we are waiting on new photos!

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