Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009

The heat and humidity have finally dropped. It feels great outside. While my oldest had her tennis lesson, the rest of us played outside in the grassy field next to the courts. This guy would play catch with me all day if I let him. However, our agreement was 30 minutes of me throwing the baseball for him in exchange for a few very quick pictures and then 15 minutes of reading out loud to me.

I know his eyes are too dark on these shots, however the sun was so low in the sky that it was blinding him. My attempt to get light in his eyes didn't work, but there is plenty of light on his face. I guess I could have used some white paper as a reflector and bounced some light to his eyes. That wouldn't hurt like looking toward the setting sun did.


Simonsen Family said...

Great pictures!!! HE is SO handsome and growing up so fast... Seems just yesterday he was a sunbeam and now look!!!!
Love the pictures!!!!!!

Lots of ♥

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