Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010

It used to be that I never took photos of the sky. Why, you ask? Well, look at the photo below and tell me what you see:

Can you see it? The one smack dab in the middle is fairly obvious, don't you think?

What a dirty sensor! Can you believe it? I have spent more time cloning out dust spots from my photos than I care to admit. Maybe that is why I take lots of "busy" pictures of birds hiding in layers of leaves and trees; it hides all the spots.

I have spent the past four weeks in beautiful Canada, and finally, after looking at these photos I realizing I had far too many spots to clone out. I took my camera in to get it cleaned. I have wanted to do this for a year, but no one in my town does it and I didn't want to send my camera away and I was too chicken to do it myself, so I took it to The Camera Store. They were very helpful. $20 later and some instructions and demonstration, I walked out with a cleaning kit and perfectly clean sensor.

What do you think now? Bring on the blue sky!

Not a single touch up on these photos.

Do you have a sensor filled with dust spots? Tell me your story.


Florida4x4chick said...

you must teach me how to clean my camera!!! I don't know how dirty it is but i'm sure it will get dirty in the future. Love your pictures still, dirt spots and all :)

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