Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 19, 2010

These are terrible quality photos, but I wanted to show you all what the kids and I watched today. This morning, at the barn we saw one of the baby ducklings being hatched. It was interesting, yet it took a while and we couldn't see too much because the mama duck kept most of the activity underneath her away from our prying eyes. But we stuck around long enough to see a very ugly, wet, yellow thing. There are two more eggs that we will keep checking on.

Early afternoon we went back out to the barn to check on her and we met the daddy duck taking his new baby out for a walk. At first I didn't even notice that he had a baby duckling with him, because the baby was directly underneath his back tail feathers. When I finally saw him, I wasn't sure it was the same duckling, but it had to be.

Later in the afternoon we stopped by again, and the three of them were together. By now the baby duck is very cute and doesn't look at all like the wet, ugly thing we saw this morning.

I hope the other two eggs hatch.


kimber said...

Oh my gosh. How adorable, and you caught it all on film!!! AMAZING

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