Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009

What do you see in this tree? Me too, at first. Nothing.

But then I heard the very distinctive call of a hawk and I pulled out my zoom lens. Took me a minute, but this is what I found.

But wait, there are actually two.

There were an additional two hawks in another tree and a fifth hawk circling in the sky. They were all squawking to each other. It was loud. I wonder what was going on.

I have a hard time getting a good, clear, close up shot of a hawk. Obviously, we have plenty of them around. When they are in a tree, they are usually very high up and hard to see. Unless I hear them I wouldn't know they are there. However, they often sit on a fence post, but they fly away as soon as I notice them. I have all the kids on "hawk alert". "Mom, there's a hawk." I have tried and tried and I have lots of blurry shots of a hawk flying from a fence post. This is the only good shot I have ever had. I will keep trying.


Alice/Mom said...

Interesting. Good for a good zoom lens.

kimber said...

How very, very, VERY cool!

Mum-me said...

How funny - we have our children on "Wedgie Alert" when they are playing outside.

"Wedgie" for Wedge-tailed Eagle, that is. There are a pair of them that live around our area and my HB and I are always trying to get a good shot. Problem is they move too fast. One minute you need the zoom lens, next minute they're too close for the zoom, then they're out of range in no time.

Well, it will make that perfect photo worth it in the end .... if we ever get it!

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