Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 18, 2009

Our Friday night on the town. Big city, bright lights, fast cars.


Florida4x4chick said...

when do you find time to do this? It's awesome but how do you get there and when do you stop and go see it, I'm so confused. You must be wonder mom.

Annette said...

Nope, not wonder mom. I noticed on the calendar that Friday was the only night in the next months where we did not have anything thing booked; no practices, no games, no parties, no commitments. I got a babysitter, and Jaremie took me (and my camera) out on the town.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I think you are one of my FABORITE photographers - I am thinking - maybe you could do my familes pictures here one day???

I love your pictures and check them daily- So I guess I am your #1 stalker (lol)

Lots of Love.

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