Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009

This week at i ♥ faces, there is not a photo contest. However, this was the suggested blog post category:

We’d love for you to still share photos this week, so we will be having our "My Story In Photos" feature…with the theme of “My Favorite Things.” This post is all about YOU...we'd like to learn more about you. A fun way to do that will be for us all to post about our favorites things.

I don't write much on this blog, that's what my personal blog is for, to gush about my kids and family. It did occur to me that some of you may not know much about me other than the obvious fact that I have kids and enjoy eating cheesecake (see my side profile, "About Me").

Below: This is my profile icon. It's a picture of my running shoes and some weights. One of my favorite ways to spend my own personal time (what little I have) is exercising. My favorite activity is lifting weights. I lift heavy and I love how it makes me feel and look. I also run, but there is really no love there. I do it because, as stated earlier, I love cheesecake (and ice cream, and pie, and cake, and brownies, and pumpkin bread). I also enjoy yoga; it keeps me bendy.

Below: Another favorite activity is photography. For three years I pushed the limits on my little point and shoot Canon S2IS. How many people actually shoot in aperture or shutter priority with a point and shoot? Well, I did. I didn't have a fancy camera and while saving my money I decided to really use what I had. I took a photography class, read and practiced. This past January I bought a Nikon D80 and a couple of really nice lenses. I love using my new camera and I have improved and learned so much in the past year. My favorite things include beautiful evening light that makes a photo perfect and frees me up from doing much post processing.

Obviously, like most of you, I like shooting faces.

I also like shooting faces of wildlife, other than my own children.

And flowers and bugs.

I also really love where I live. It is peaceful and beautiful. I am blessed.

So that is me and now here is me. My self portrait. Wrinkles and all.

Leave a comment, say "hello". Introduce yourself and tell me one of YOUR favorite things.


Katy said...

Wow! I love your photography! especially the wildlife photos! Thanks for sharing! :)

elizabeth holder said...

Love your pictures,
I too, am striving to get better with my camera - it is something I have fallen in love with.
I will have a peek around the rest of your blog.

Queen of Quite-a-Lot said...

What beautiful pictures! I love where you live, too! That dirt road lined with trees looks like paradise to me.
You're so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :o)

Tatter Scoops said...

Excellent shots there. You are a very talented photographer! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Becki and I am addicted to your blog and photographer!!!!!! I think you take AMAZING pictures - Love the pictures of the weights and your running shoes~ I think that sums your up pretty good. Love the pictures of the girls too- They are so cute!
Love the wildlife and the flowers- have I told you I love it all??? I do!!!!
I look forward each day to your newest post and pictures!!!!

Lots of ♥

Anonymous said...

WOW! Superb pictures!

Lara said...

I'm another admirer of all your amazing photography!

SKELLER said...

I'll bet that D80 felt like HEAVEN after your p&s camera!! Your photos are beautiful, and I'm pretty sure you'll see your skill level soar in the next year - enjoy the journey!!

Oh! And where you live?!? Gorgeous! Really, truly gorgeous. All that green is balm to my soul (CA, where I live, lovely tho it is, is rarely green).

Lorena said...

Your photographs are BEAUTIFUL! =) Your faves are great and I think your self portrait is perfect! I am your new follower, I love your work. =)

kimber said...

Awesome awesome awesome post. I think I've seen most of those pictures before, but they still have the same awe-inspiring impact. You're skills are truly incredible. I loved reading more about you and your self portrait is just beautiful!! (And I discovered you BEFORE all these new followers did :) :)

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