Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 7 ,2009

We have had such beautiful evening light from 6 pm to around 7:15 pm. Light that is just begging to have some one get their picture taken. Now if the temperature would just drop below the high 90's for a few days.

How many times do you forget to check all your camera settings prior to starting a new photo shoot? You would think after botching up too many important occasions, I would remember to check everything. Good thing tonight was just for fun. I had been taking pictures in the house early in the day and had the white balance set to incandescent. Since my boy only holds still for just a few seconds, I just started shooting away, not taking the time to check my images. After about 25 shots, I finally looked down. Blue. Quick change to shade and we were back on track. Too bad I don't shoot in RAW, I could have fixed them in post processing. I just changed it to black and white. Not sure if I like it. I think I need some help with black and white. I never know if I have enough contrast. Perhaps I need to look for a tutorial.

Below: Check your white balance or your colors will be off.

Below: Can I save the photo by changing it to black and white?

Below: All is well


kimber said...

Oh I love those! Awesome. That last one is really fantastic though. Man. How do you do it!?

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