Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comments are now working (I hope)

I like to think that I can figure some of the easier computer "stuff" out, but apparently not. When I decided to change the format of my photos and post larger sizes, I was required to change the template I was using. You may have noticed a few changes in the look of this blog as of late. I really liked the last change; the blue background with dark gray inside. However, Blogger comments requires the use of certain template tags. My template did not have the appropriate tags, and therefore, the comments button was not working. I don't know if any of you attempted to post a comment, but if you did, you soon realized that it wasn't working. I thought I was smart enough to figure out the html ... I'm still working on it. Until then, I am using this very boring template, all for the benefit of being able to read your comments. So go ahead, don't be shy, leave a comment. I changed things just for you.


Simonsen Family said...

YEAHHHH, They are working again.... So bring on the photos :D

Lots of Love,

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