Monday, March 23, 2009

March 22, 2009

And now for some gators. They were everywhere along the banks of the water, sunning themselves. I was very careful how close to the bank I got when taking pictures of birds, because I could not see very well what was on my side of the bank. All the pictures are of gators who were on the other side/bank, a distance of six to eight feet.

Lara, I just read your comment. Let me clarify. The water was about six to eight feet wide, with the gator on his side. I was well back from my side of the bank. Besides, the gators were soaking up the sun and not moving, not that I would ever get close enough to get in their way.


Lara said...

Whoa! My heart is in my throat! Six to eight feet is about 100 feet closer than I'd like to be to a gator!

Lara said...

Still they're cool pictures though.

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