Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24, 2009

Back to my day at Lake Woodruff National Refuge.

While I was watching the Sandhill Cranes and chicks, two Great Blue Herons flew in and landed on the bank of the water just 10 feet down from the cranes. I was interested in them, so I left the cranes to watch the herons. They were acting quite peculiar, almost dancing. They would face each other and mimic each other as they both walked in circles flapping their wings and puffing out their feathers. The heron on my left (left in the photos) mostly flapped it's wings and when ever the other heron would start walking in a circle, this one would walk in a circle where it was standing. I figured this was either the beginning of a fight, or somesort of mating ritual. But really, a fight or love, aren't they basically the same?

The bird on the right was a bit of an exhibitionist. I called this bird a "him". He opened up his feathers like they were a trench coat and pranced around. It kind of looked like he was a flasher (see below). Hence, why I called him a he. I like his yellow eyes.

The bird on the right (see below) was flapping her wings, turning sideways and putting her wings in the water and keeping a close eye on the other bird. (I don't know it is a her, that's just what I decided to call her).

I wish the photos were better quality. It was interesting to watch. Eventually the bird on the right grew tired of watching her buddy strut his stuff and she flew off. After she left, the remaining heron continued to walk along the shore approaching the cranes. This should be interesting.

Stay tuned tomorrow.


Alice/Mom said...

You will now want to learn more about birds and their habits.

Anonymous said...

I love these images, very nice. thanks for sharing.

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