Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009

I may live in the Sunshine State, but I don't like sun on my face. I try to keep a hat on as I sit through the kids soccer and baseball games. Last Saturday while out taking pictures, I had my favorite hat on. It is very light weight. Plus I like the bow. Anyways, as the day wore on, the wind picked up. For a while I took my hat off and stuffed it inside my jacket because I didn't want it to get blown away and loose it. But the sun was bright and I could feel my face getting warm. I put the hat back on and not a minute later a gust of wind sent it sailing.

I tried to grab it, but it was in the water. I looked around for a long stick to try to poke it to the side, but the banks were very marshy, wet and I couldn't tell where the land ended and the water started. Then I looked upstream just a few feet and on the other side of the bank, this is what I saw:

I left the hat floating right where it was. I felt badly that I lost the hat and that I was, in a sense littering, but there was no way I was going after it. Besides, there were no sticks long enough and the ground was too marshy. Goodbye hat, I really liked you. Thank you for keeping the sun off my face. I hope you make that gator look better.


Alice/Mom said...

I have a hat just like that one. If you come for a visit I will give it to you.

Anonymous said...

What a story, lol, wow. I don't blame you for leaving that hat, do you think Mr. Alligator is wearing your hat today? :) I like the pic of the gator.

Nice story telling along with the pictures.

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