Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

O is for OLYMPICS (of course)

I was born in the United States and grew up in Canada. I have been greatly blessed by having two strong countries as my home. When I was in high school, my home town of Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics. Since then I have loved following and watching both the summer and winter Olympics. This month my Canadian Maple Leafs are waving proudly as I watch (from my TV and computer) Vancouver host the world.

My sister sent me some official Canadian Olympic mittens. I love them and wear them everywhere!

Photos complements of Jaremie. Does it count if I am the model and not the photographer?


SnowyGram said...

so glad you got some mittens -- I have never been able to get into the city on the right day to get a shipment -- so we are mittenless :(:(:( loved the pictures and the model

McMom said...

My husband is from Calgary also! We are dying to get our hands on (or should I say in?) some of those mittens!

Jessica Morris said...

Very cool - I was born and raised in Canada but had an American mother (she was a landed immigrant). I got dual citizenship as a teen and then ended up marrying an American and live in the US now! :)
It is awesome to be a part of two great countries.

kimber said...

Awesome!!! (And it totally counts!! SO cute!

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