Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

(this was Jaremie's idea)

It's amazing how much blood comes from a small cut on your head. Enough to freak out even the toughest of kids.

H is for HORSE

I've noticed that I have taken lots of animal pictures for my ABC's. That could be because they don't give me any grief when I come around with my camera. Plus they are always here. I took this picture Sunday afternoon as the sun was setting.

Above: I like this picture. All I did to it was crop it just a touch. Everything else is SOOC.

Below: I don't like this picture. I don't like the light or the coloring. I don't like the hazy feel. Sun flare can be fun, but it doesn't seem to be working in this pic. I tried to change the color cast but had a very difficult time. Is it just a poor quality picture, or is it just not my style? Probably both.


Anonymous said...

Head wound???? What happen? I hope he is ok and feeling better today!! ♥

LOVE the pictures with the horse too- and I LOVE the sun flare- I like it- no wait I really love it... I do what can I say!!!!

The one with your DD is precious-- SO sweet and wonderful coloring.

Lots of Love!

Some call me Neesie. said...

Ha Ha, some people would totally swoon over that sun flare :D Gotta love the back light hair though, right?
Hope your boy is ok...

kimber said...

It must just not be your style because I LOVE it!!!

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