Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010

T is for TREE

I love these big, tall trees out in the pasture. I think they are called Slash Pine. They are really tall and drop huge pine cones. I need to take a picture of the ground below the trees; it is covered with gigantic pine cones. I joke and tell people that my new job is going to be gathering these huge pine cones, cleaning them up, removing any bugs, and selling them on ebay. I bet someone would want a bag of extra large pine cones. But wait, this is "T" for tree not "P" for pine cone.

I love these big, tall trees because they are home to so many birds, but especially hawks. The hawks sit way up on the top and I can barely see them. I will hear the hawks, then perhaps see one fly up to the tops of the trees. One of my goals to is get some good hawk pics. I did get a few here and here if you want to see.

I love these big, tall trees.


SnowyGram said...

I love the trees -- was hoping you might have some of the living oaks that mesmerize me.
this has been a fun month full of wonderful art

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