Saturday, February 6, 2010

My One Year Anniversary

One year ago today I bought my Nikon. It has been a worthwhile purchase. I'm not a naturally creative person; I'm more logical, linear, conservative. I find that with photography I can be just a touch creative and I like that.

Here are a couple pictures I took in the first couple days that I had my camera. The first one is really dark and the color is off and the exposure is not correct, but at the time I thought it was the most beautiful picture I had taken. I remember feeling so excited to keep using the camera and wanted to learn everything I could.

I'm grateful that I decided to post a picture a day because now I like to look back and see how far I have come.

This next picture is still one of my favorites. It was taken on March 5, 2009. I remember being so excited to be close enough to the blue heron that I completely forgot what I was doing. I was so worried about missing the shot and the heron flying away and too excited to think, that I finally just put my camera in auto and took a couple pictures. I then calmed down and remembered a few things from my photography class and switched into gear. I still remember how excited I felt when I got home and looked at my pictures. I was hooked. After that I have made numerous trips specifically to get wildlife and nature photography. I love taking pictures of herons, egrets, sandhill cranes, alligators, even bugs.

However, faces (especially those of my own children) are still my favorite shots. In June I bought the 50 mm 1.8. It took me a bit of practice to first of all hold the camera still while shooting with an open aperture, and then learning what depth of field I liked best in various situations. Now I really enjoy using the lens.

Other areas such as night photography, macro and shooting in an urban setting are still something I want to practice more.

Maybe this year I will learn about using a flash. Who know? Keep checking back.


Lara said...

I've loved watching your photos evolve through the year. I someday hope to figure out the ins and outs of my camera as well as you have with yours. You've got a great eye for photography!

kimber said...

How come I haven't improved so much in one year!!??? I love this post!!

Simonsen Family said...

I too enjoyed your year! I think your pictures are beauitful and inspire me each day to get out there and practice and learn all about my camera too so one day I'll take AWESOME pictures like yours ♥

LOVE the view of the temple... Have you blown this one up???? I LOVE IT!!!!!

Lots of ♥

Some call me Neesie. said...

You ARE doing GREAT! Check out your iheartfaces awards for proof! Like my friend Kimber here, I don't feel much personal improvement.... you're doing something right. Love the night shots, that's a category on my list too.

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