Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010

W is for WATER DROPS on a WEB

Monday morning I awoke to fog and mist. After I dropped the kids off at the bus stop, I wandered around my yard with my eyes open looking for something new. These pictures were surprisingly difficult to get. The blue background is not the bright sky (the morning was dark, overcast and drizzling). The blue comes from the arm of my coat that I put behind so that I could block out the busy background and actually get my camera to focus on the tiny drops of suspended water. The webs were all above my head, so I was reaching around with on arm and trying to hold my camera still with the other all the while not bumping the branch causing the delicate water droplets to fall. Plus it was a bit breezy and everything was slightly swaying. I tried to stand on a deck chair, but that didn't work. I needed another person to hold up my coat as a back ground, but it was kind of tight quarters in the tree.

I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the photos on to my computer to look at them.


Some call me Neesie. said...

Such incredible dedication to your art... But WOW did it pay off! Gorgeous - so crisp, beautiful!

Lara said...

These turned out breath-takingly beautiful!

SnowyGram said...

spectacular -- I like the contrast with the blue make you think it sky so don't tell anyone your creative secrets

kimber said...

Gorgeous. Oh how I love the BLUE!!! Those are so beautiful!!! (And I love x and y too. I gotta consolidate here or I'm going to be leaving you 26 comments!!)

LCP said...

Wow! You could sell these framed Annette! They are AWESOME.

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