Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009

The road got leveled out, but it is still very soggy. If only we could have a couple dry days ... ha ha ha ha, oh ha ha ha, snort, ha ha ha ha!

When my boy was 18 months old, we used to park the tractor under a car shed closer to our house. The tractor provided hours of entertainment for the two kids we had at the time. They would climb on it, pretend to drive it, push the turn signal buttons (and sometimes leave them on, draining the battery). They would pretend the tractor was a rocket ship, or a dinosaur, and sometimes they kept it as a tractor. The real excitement came when he and his older sister and cousin would climb in the scoop, get lifted up and go for a ride. When the boy was 4 years old, we moved the tractor to the shop forcing him to walk a couple of minutes to get to it. Even now, when he is almost seven, the tractor still provides cheap thrills.


Billykidd said...

man! your kids are living the life my kids can only dream of. my little boy would be in absolute heaven!!! cute pics.

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