Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9, 2009

She has been wanting her pictures taken with her new white dress for weeks now. Finally, we got around to it. We waited for some lovely evening light. I have a hundred or so beautiful shots of her. These are just the first three I have touched up. The light was really so beautiful, there is very little left to change in the photos.

I'll post some where you can actually see her big blue eyes.


Simonsen Family said...

Beautiful!!!!! I can see what she was SO excited to have her picture taken- She looks like a princess... I love the shots!

Lots of Love,

Taylor said...

Gorgeous, love that first one!

Dea said...

Awesome shots! Beautiful dress, i love the last one!

Woodwards said...

Wow, what a beautiful daughter. It's a beautiful dress too, but only because of the sparkly little girl inside of it!

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