Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009

I kind of like this picture. It is technically not the best, but I like it. Must be the subject. At first I was going to try to take the red out of his face. But when I enlarged the photo to look at it, I could see the beads of sweat above his top lip, on his forehead and temples. We had been at the park since noon and it was now 1:30 pm. I'm surprised he wasn't more red. But he is a good sport to sit still for a fraction of a second so that I can get two, maybe three shots (if I am fast).


kimber said...

His eyes are amazing!!!!

Simonsen Family said...

Even with a red face he is still SO handsome- The red face is just because of all this heat! AT least your kids will play outside in it, mine are indoor bound and only come out to swim or play soccer at night (lol)

Lots of Love,

crazzzy said...
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crazzzy said...

Vi esta foto y me recordo mucho a las tuyas:

espero puedas verla.
y felicidades por tus fotos.

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