Friday, July 10, 2009

July 9, 2009

I love it when I find "surprises" in my camera. Do you know what I mean? Shots that I took during the day that I didn't plan to take (it just caught my eye), didn't agonize over what settings to put my camera on and usually I forget that I even took them until I download my pictures. Then low and behold there are a couple fabulous shots that I don't have to edit, adjust lighting, crop, or fix up in anyway. Every now and then I get a couple of these surprises. These pictures are my surprise of the day.

These pictures were taken with my absolute favorite lens: AF-S Nikkor 70-300 mm VR (4.5-5.6). It is big. It is heavy. It is awesome! I use it for all my bird/wildlife shots. I like it to use it with my kids because I can be half way down the dirt road watching them through my lens and they don't know it (I'm very sneaky that way). Plus it give the most beautiful bokah ever (these are not good examples of bokah)!

Jared, why is your little sister's tricycle so much fun to get stuck in the mud? I guess it's the same reason she finds his baseball cards and dinosaurs so inviting.


kimber said...

You're right. Those are AWESOME pictures. I love them! I think I need that lens!!

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